The PUP Games was inspired by Ted Wells’ Catalog Canceling Challenge

When plastic litter is on the ground, wind and rainwater can carry it into a gutter, then into a storm drain, then into a creek, then into a river, then into a bay, and then into to the ocean. Scientists say that 80% of ocean plastic originates as litter on the land. It is estimated that nearly 600 billion lbs. of plastic are in our oceans, the equivalent weight of 90 thousand elephants! Fish that human eat are eating plastics directly or through the smaller animals they eat. Plastics are being found in the stomachs and tissues of animals across our entire food chain.

The PUP Games™(Pick-Up Plastic) was created to engage students in a fun and competitive activity that cleans communities, protects animals, and safeguards our food chain. In short, students compete against each other to see which grade can pick up the most plastic litter.  

To receive these competition documents, email a request to:
                    -PUP Games set-up guide
                    -PUP Games rules
                    -Sample letter to parents
                    -Sample kick-off assembly

The PUP Games (Pick-Up Plastic)