Land Wilson was born and raised in Marin County, California. Growing up in an area known for its strong environmental leadership, he developed a deep appreciation for nature as a child. Land’s motivation for writing Sofia's Dream stemmed from a desire to teach his children and others what he had learned about the importance of caring for nature. He had read that viewing the Earth from a distance was an experience that genuinely transforms a person’s thinking about our planet, so as part of his research he interviewed three Apollo astronauts. These interviews ultimately served as his inspiration to write what would one day become Sofia's Dream.

The publication of Sofia's Dream has led Land to fulfill a lifelong dream of teaching young people about protecting earth. Through his writing, school assemblies, and environmental projects, his purpose is to awaken in young people the desire to demand what is rightfully theirs... clean water, land, and air. 

Land is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. His interests include walking, mountain bike riding, escaping to the beach or the mountains, playing with family and friends, and nurturing his vegetable garden. He lives in San Rafael, California with his wife and two children.

Author: Land Wilson